Wednesday's Morning Email: Clinton, Trump Win Big In New York

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DONALD TRUMP, HILLARY CLINTON WIN BIG IN NEW YORK The two front-runners are in a New York state of mind after cleaning up last night. Donald Trump walked away with an estimated 90 delegates -- Ted Cruz gained zero. Hillary Clinton successfully shellacked Bernie Sanders, leaving him little hope of capturing the nomination. While the Vermont senator has reportedly flown home to "recharge," his campaign has said it is considering a superdelegate strategy. [Igor Bobic, HuffPost]

THE EU FILES ANOTHER ANTITRUST SUIT AGAINST GOOGLE This time, over their Android phones. [WSJ | Paywall]

MITSUBISHI COMES CLEAN ON FUEL TESTS "Mitsubishi Motors Corp said it falsified fuel economy test data to make emissions levels look more favorable, and its shares slumped more than 15 percent, wiping $1.2 billion from its market value on Wednesday." [Reuters]

OVER HALF OF AMERICA LIVES IN AREAS WITH UNHEALTHY AIR POLLUTION LEVELS The American Lung Association says 52 percent of the population is living in a county with such bad air pollution, it could "shorten life or cause lung cancer." [Lydia O'Connor, HuffPost]

PAUL RYAN INSISTS PEOPLE SHOULDN'T SKIP THE CONVENTION Saying it could be a "great historical exercise." Infer what you will. [CNN]

U.S.: SOME GIRLS KIDNAPPED BY BOKO HARAM HAVE BEEN LOCATED "The American and African forces sent to Cameroon to fight Boko Haram have, on several occasions, located clusters of the schoolgirls kidnapped by the militant group two years ago, United States officials said. Rescue operations have not been carried out, the officials said, because of fears that any ensuing battle with Boko Haram fighters would put the captives at risk, or incite some form of retaliation against hostages still being held in other areas." [NYT]


PINTEREST IS ABOUT TO LOOK A LOT DIFFERENT And according to Wired, live up to the billions it's worth. [Wired]

LOOKS LIKE KELLY RIPA NEEDS A NEW CO-ANCHOR Michael Strahan is headed to "Good Morning America" full-time. [HuffPost]

THE MUTATION OF ZIKA How the virus has evolved into the catastrophic version found today. [HuffPost]

ALMOST HALF OF AMERICANS WOULD HAVE A HARD TIME Finding $400 in an emergency. The Atlantic takes a look at the "secret shame of middle class Americans." [The Atlantic]

MEET MIXED REALITY Inside the secretive startup that's taking virtual reality a step further. [Wired]

WHAT IT'S LIKE TO SURVIVE JUMPING FROM THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE "The millisecond after Kevin Hines jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge to the bay below, he felt instant regret." [People]

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THIS BAR CAME UP WITH A GENIUS RESCUE PLAN For dates gone wrong, this bar has your back. [HuffPost]

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~ When we look at photos of Prince Harry and Prince William having a lightsaber duel on the "Star Wars" set, we want to be royals. Cue the Lorde overtones.

~ A tip to minimize the sad wilt of your sad desk lunch. Because The Morning Email always aims to make things less sad.

~ How to get abs while on a Chipotle diet. We really hope Thrillist isn't messing with us here.

~ Love garlic? We live to serve with this set of recipes.

~ Intel is set to cut 11 percent of its workforce.

~ We no longer recognize the Diet Coke can. Our basic understanding of how the world works is on rocky footing.

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