Friday's Morning Email: Saying Goodbye To Prince

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PURPLE RAIN Tributes have poured in for the musical legend, who died suddenly on his estate in Minnesota. Prince was 57. Here's the latest on his sudden passing, along with the 10 songs you should be listening to in memoriam today. [Stephanie Marcus, HuffPost]

DONALD TRUMP ADVISORS: IT'S ALL AN ACT "Donald Trump's chief lieutenants told skeptical Republican leaders Thursday that the GOP front-runner has been 'projecting an image' so far in the 2016 primary season and 'the part that he's been playing is now evolving' in a way that will improve his standing among general election voters." [AP]

BARACK OBAMA ARGUES AGAINST BREXIT The President stressed the good the U.K. was able to do from its position in the European Union. [Reuters]

THE NEW VEEPSTAKES Forget the general -- GOP candidates are weighing which vice presidential pick could help them snag the nominee. [WaPo]

U.S. BUYING IRAN'S NUCLEAR MATERIAL "The Obama administration is buying 32 tons of heavy water, a key component in atomic-weapons development, from Iran in an effort to safeguard its landmark nuclear agreement with the country, according to senior American officials." [WSJ | Paywall]

HACKING iPHONES IS EXPENSIVE The FBI reportedly spent over $1.3 million finding a hack for the San Bernardino cell phone. [NYT]

SUICIDE RATE CLIMBS DRAMATICALLY IN U.S. "Last decade’s severe recession, more drug addiction, 'gray divorce,' increased social isolation, and even the rise of the Internet and social media may have contributed to the growth in suicide, according to a variety of people who study the issue." [WaPo]


THERE IS SUCH A THING As America's prosthetic eye dynasty. [HuffPost]

ESPN TAKES A DEEP DIVE INTO THE ENIGMA THAT IS TIGER WOODS "The death of his father set a battle raging inside the world's greatest golfer. How he waged that war -- through an obsession with the Navy SEALs -- is the tale of how Tiger lost his way." [ESPN]

OLD NAVY IS KILLING IT One $19 dress at a time. [Racked]

IS THIS UBER'S ACHILLES HEEL? "If all of the company’s drivers really are independent contractors, then they aren’t allowed to secretly conspire over what to charge their customers, the lawsuit reasons. That would be price fixing, a basic antitrust law violation." [HuffPost]

THE NEW ERA OF POLITICAL GEO-TARGETING Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) deployed a Facebook video ad targeting Department of the Interior officials she was hoping to sway. [Fusion]

ALL THE 'GAME OF THRONES' CATCH UP YOU NEED Minus spoilers. Winter is coming in TWO DAYS. [Vanity Fair]

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THIS HOSPITAL IS FACING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HEAD ON "St. Joseph is undergoing an ambitious effort to address domestic violence among its workforce, rolling out an intensive training program to help staff members identify -- and hopefully prevent -- domestic violence, as well as a new workplace policy to support employees who are suffering." [HuffPost]

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