Tuesday's Morning Email: What To Watch In Tuesday's Primaries

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WHAT TO WATCH IN THE PRIMARIES TONIGHT As Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island head to the polls, Clinton and Trump are expected to further strengthen their leads. Cruz and Kasich's pact to stop Trump by coordinating their resources quickly weakened yesterday. Here's what to watch for tonight. [NYT]

ISIS 'SPREADING IN EUROPE' "The Islamic State is operating clandestine terrorist cells in Britain, Germany and Italy, similar to the groups that carried out the attacks in Paris and Brussels, the top-ranking American intelligence official said on Monday." [NYT]

U.S. SENT FIGHTER JETS TO ROMANIA Just two weeks after Russia's buzzover flight on a U.S. carrier in the Baltic Sea. [CNN]

PRINCE DIDN'T LEAVE A WILL Here's what that means for the division of his estate. His record sales have jumped 40,000 percent since his death. [USA Today]

TOM BRADY'S BAN REINSTATED The New England Patriots quarterback's suspension for four games for "Deflategate" will kick back in this season after a panel of the United States Court of Appeals ruled. [ESPN]

INSIDE CHINA'S MILITARY REVAMP "If it succeeds, it could lay the ground for China to conduct combat operations as far afield as the Middle East and Africa. That would mark a milestone in the nation’s emergence from a period of isolationism that began under the Ming Dynasty in the 15th century." [WSJ]

WHAT DONALD TRUMP'S MILITARY LOOKS LIKE We are a bit terrified of his version of a War Room. [Andy Kroll, HuffPost]


THE SCARY PART OF BRIBING BABIES It's amazing what people will do for a few extra graham crackers. [WaPo]

THE NEW TREND 'BECKY WITH THE GOOD HAIR' FOLLOWS "Celebrity cheating scandals (whether they’re true or not) are as old as time, but thanks to social media, there’s a new kind of character involved in the drama: The Person Who Hints That Maybe They Were Sort Of Involved and Appears to Be Bragging About It Online." [WaPo]

THE FAIRY TALE LOVER IN US ALL Is super excited about Disney's new movie release schedule. [Variety]


DID WE ALREADY PREORDER ANNA KENDRICK'S BOOK? 202 days and counting ’til we have it in hand. [Vulture]

UBER GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Looks like Will Ferrell will be playing an Uber driver forced to help an escaped convict. Five stars for casting. [Vanity Fair]

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THIS BOY RAISED FUNDS FOR HIS OWN ADOPTION Using a lemonade stand. [HuffPost]

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