Wednesday's Morning Email: Trump, Clinton Blow Out Rivals

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CLINTON, TRUMP HAVE BANNER NIGHTS The two front-runners all but locked up their spots as each party's presumed nominee. Donald Trump won all five states up for grabs last night, while Hillary Clinton won four. Here's what last night's shellacking means for Bernie Sanders' chances. [Jason Linkins, HuffPost]

TRUMP JUST NEEDS TWO MORE STATES California and Indiana are the last things between him and the 1,237 delegates needed to claim a majority for the GOP convention. [NYT]

REVAMPING THE WAY THE U.S. DOES COUNTER ESPIONAGE PROSECUTION "The Justice Department has issued new rules that give prosecutors in Washington greater oversight and control over national security cases after the collapse of several high-profile prosecutions led to allegations that Chinese-Americans were being singled out as spies." [NYT]


THE NEXT STREET DRUG This synthetic opioid is "10,000 times more potent than morphine." [WaPo]

4.5 MILLION POUNDS OF CHICKEN RECALLED The Pilgrim's Pride products could be contaminated with plastic, wood, rubber and metal. [CNN]


YOU TOO CAN FIND A PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE ON TINDER And Instagram. They apparently love that too. [ESPN]

HOW A WOMAN'S PELVIS CHANGES WITH TIME It widens from age 25 to 30, and then narrows after 40. [HuffPost]

APPLE HAD ITS FIRST BAD DAY IN A WHILE Its revenue dropped for the first time in 13 years. [The Verge]

MEET THE TAILOR BEHIND VOGUE And the Oscars and everything glittery and important. [Racked]

'NEW GIRL' CREATOR TALKS THE PRINCE EPISODE Which we definitely watched last night after reading this piece, and you should too. [Vulture]

ANOTHER REASON TO IRON YOUR SHEETS Now if we could just find that iron … [HuffPost]

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THIS PAINTBALL ARENA IS NOW GROWING KALE "David Rosenberg is trying to build an agricultural empire out of an old paintball arena in a blighted urban neighborhood about 45 minutes outside Manhattan." [HuffPost]

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~ Chris Christie's wife was not a fan of Donald Trump's sexist comments last night about Hillary Clinton.

~ We're reading into this Jon Snow blood splatter right now and trying not to freak out about it.

~ Looks like Zac Efron needs to work on his Baywatch slo-mo jog.

~ Kelly Ripa made a triumphant return to her morning show yesterday, and co-host Micheal Strahan is set to leave months earlier now.

~ And in bonus Kelly Ripa news, she still fits into the $199 wedding dress she eloped in 20 years ago.

~ What the arrival of the driverless truck means for the economy.

~ Like to avoid traffic with Waze? Beware the hackers.

~ Yes, we have already made our own tiny Drake albums. Guilty as charged.

~ And Ted Cruz called the basketball hoop a ring. So much for winning over Indiana voters, Ted.

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