Thursday's Morning Email: Inside Trump's Pivot For The General

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TRUMP BECOMES PRESUMPTIVE NOMINEE After John Kasich dropped out yesterday, Donald Trump laid out what his first 100 days in office would look like, announced he would not self-fund and went after establishment Republicans' support. The last one might be rather tricky -- former Presidents H.W. and George Bush have no plans to endorse him, and some other establishment Republicans feel the same way. [NYT]


DREAMING ABOUT THAT SUMMER VACATION ALREADY? Good news -- flights are about to get very, very cheap. [Suzy Strutner, HuffPost]

CALIFORNIA UPS SMOKING AGE TO 21 And adds regulations to electronic cigarettes. [Reuters]

FARMING IN NORTH KOREA "They said it was a model cooperative farm. There were vegetables, to be sure, but there was barely a farmer in sight, barely any activity. And it was surprisingly spotless given that farming usually entails dirt." [WaPo]

VEGAS JUST BECAME THE BACHELORETTE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD Channing Tatum announced a "Magic Mike" live show will debut next March on the strip. [Dominique Mosbergen, HuffPost]


JAY Z PENNING A REBUTTAL ALBUM TO 'LEMONADE' Is this, plus his absence at the Met Gala, one big cash cow? [Vulture]

THE LINK BETWEEN PURITY PLEDGES AND UNINTENDED PREGNANCIES "About 18 percent of the girls who had never taken virginity pledges became pregnant within six years after they began having sex. Meanwhile, 30 percent of those who had taken a pledge -- and broken it -- got pregnant while not married." [The Atlantic]

'A BITTER PILL' "Josiah Zayner's gut was making his life hell -- so he embarked on an extreme DIY fecal transplant." [The Verge]

DISSECTING SPOILER ETIQUETTE The Morning Email tries its best to abide by pretty strict no-spoiler rules, but as Matthew Zoller Seitz points out for Vulture, the Internet does not quite oblige. [Vulture]

CONGRATS TO JANET JACKSON The pop star is reportedly expecting her first child with husband Wissam Al Mana. [HuffPost]

'I WAS CATFISHED BY ABC' A riveting firsthand look at what gotcha TV means to the innocent folks caught in the crossfire. [Deadspin]

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HELPING TEACHERS BUY SUPPLIES "Amid school budget cuts and slim resources nationwide, it's no secret many teachers are forced to pay out-of-pocket for classroom supplies. But this week, they're getting a little something in return. For Teacher Appreciation Week, GoFundMe is giving $100 to any newly launched campaigns that raise money for a teacher or their classroom." [HuffPost]

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~ President Barack Obama headed to Flint, Michigan -- and drank the water.

~ How journalism "lost" this election, according to The New York TImes' Jim Rutenberg.

~ Patton Oswalt's tribute to his late wife is a tearjerker.

~ Don't believe it when you see these news scam news sites posting about the next A-List star moving to your town.

~ Caitlyn Jenner is set to cover Sports Illustrated in only an American flag and her gold medal.

~ This child was born with 31 fingers and toes.

~ We were totally chopping onions when we watched this animated short. Explains all the tears.

~ Woody Allen gave a predictably creepy interview about his marriage.

~ We're with Buzzfeed -- Taylor Swift is turning into Jenny Humphrey.

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