Monday's Morning Email: Trump Threatens To Remove Ryan As Chair Of Convention

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TRUMP STILL BUTTING HEADS WITH RYAN The presumptive GOP nominee said he "would not rule out trying to remove the Wisconsin congressman from his post as chair of this summer’s GOP convention, a role traditionally granted to the speaker of the House, if Ryan did not come around." Here's a handy breakdown of the reasons why some Republicans are waffling on whether to endorse Trump. [Marina Fang, HuffPost]

TWITTER: NO ANALYTICS FOR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES "Twitter Inc. cut off U.S. intelligence agencies from access to a service that sifts through the entire output of its social-media postings, the latest example of tension between Silicon Valley and the federal government over terrorism and privacy." [WSJ | Paywall]

THE DONALD'S DON Meet the former FEC chairman wielding considerable force as Donald Trump's campaign lawyer. [Center for Public Integrity]

MAPPING THE NEXT MIGRANT ROUTE "A thousand miles away in Greece, the main migrant route into Europe is shutting down amid stricter border controls in the Balkans and a deal with Turkey to stop new arrivals from the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Yet as one door closes, concern is mounting in a host of countries that the poor and desperate may find another way in." [WaPo]

EL CHAPO MOVED TO JAIL ON U.S.-MEXICO BORDER The move signals extradition could follow. [Reuters]

THE HIGH RATE OF TOURISTS DYING IN HAWAII The drowning rate alone is 13 times the national average. [Chloe Fox, HuffPost]

RANKING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S BIGGEST LOSERS 17 candidates walked into the GOP race, and only one remains. How big did the other 16 lose? [Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


'THE GOOD WIFE' ENDED We cried, Will came back, people are conflicted and we already miss them all. Here's why the creators think the finale is a "tragedy." We'll miss you Alicia! [Vanity Fair]

'THE DAY WE DISCOVERED OUR PARENTS WERE RUSSIAN SPIES' The real-life version of "The Americans." [The Guardian]

WHO IS TO BLAME IN AN OVERDOSE? "When Jarret McCasland and his fiancee decided to celebrate her 19th birthday with heroin, it meant the end of her life and the end of his freedom." [WaPo]

OZZY AND SHARON OSBOURNE HAVE SPLIT After 33 years of marriage. [HuffPost]

ANHEUSER BUSCH WANTS TO REPLACE BUDWEISER WITH AMERICA On its labels. Which seems redundant to a St. Louis native, but we approve. [Ad Age]

FORGET THE BLOCKBUSTERS Here's the end-all list of Indie movies you need to see this summer. [Vulture]

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THESE PETS WERE ALLOWED TO FLY COACH "As one of the most catastrophic fires in Canada’s history threatened to engulf their city, more than 80,000 Fort McMurray residents were forced to flee last week — many of them with just the clothes on their backs. … At least two Canadian airlines also did their part to ensure that evacuating residents weren’t separated from their furry friends." [HuffPost]

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~ The Austrian chancellor has resigned.

~ President George W. Bush's photographer has released a cache of never-before-seen photos of the president on 9/11.

~ A new study suggests swaddling can increase the risk of SIDS.

~ The dying art of skywriting and the man who may save it.

~ People are going crazy over this reimagining of the credit sequence of "The Empire Strikes Back."

~ Understanding the wonder that is the Eurovision song contest.

~ The new hero of the sports movie? Not the athlete anymore.

~ When your prom photo features a tornado in the background.

~ The latest food startups don't seem to offer much … food.

~ And Bath and Body Works is re-releasing a bunch of 90s scents, transporting you to every birthday sleepover you went to as a kid.

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