The Most AGONIZING Airline Delays: HuffPost Readers' Stories (PHOTOS)

Last week, Congress heard from passengers' rights groups about the urgent need to pass new airline regulations. Advocates say the proposed measures, which include a provision requiring airlines to allow their passengers to deplane after three hours on the tarmac, would protect fliers from miserable treatment during overlong delays.

In light of this discussion, we took a look at some of the most horrific tarmac delays in recent memory (check out the Five Worst Tarmac Delays here). We asked readers to send us their own stories, the best of which we've collected in the slideshow below. Vote for the most disturbing entry or, if you haven't yet shared your tale, Click "Participate" below, and tell us your worst, most agonizing airline delay story in under 200 words, upload a picture of the offending airline and we'll add your contribution to the list. Don't spare any details!

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