The Most Annoying Songs Of All Time: Pick The Worst! (VIDEO)

A new poll declared "Whatever" the most annoying word in America this week, which sounded pretty interesting until we learned that it wasn't the most annoying word of all time but the most annoying out of 6 options: "whatever," "anyway," "you know," "it is what it is," "at the end of the day," and "unsure." ("At the end of the day" came in last with only 2% finding it annoying.)

Determined not to be outdone, we here at the Huffington Post decided to present to you our own "Most Annoying" lists, starting with songs. What do you think is the most annoying song of all time? We've started you out with a few that drive our editors insane -- vote on the worst and add your own!

Here's how this works. Send an email to with your most annoying song pick from YouTube and a headline and caption explaining why. And don't forget to vote below!

Most Annoying Songs