The Most Awesomest Thing Ever: Is The Website Actually The Most Awesomest Thing Ever?

We here at HuffPost Comedy like to consider ourselves connoisseurs of all that's awesome. Don't believe us? Perhaps you've forgotten about headlines such as "Awesome Kid Gets Detention For Being Hilarious" and "17 Most Awesome Lego Creations." They're awesome.

So obviously when we stumbled on a website called The Most Awesomest Thing Ever, we inspected, and came up with the following review:

-HuffPost Comedy

We realize that this website has now been for a few weeks now, but it's hard to write about something this awesome WHEN YOU'RE SPENDING EVERY WAKING HOUR USING IT. The premise is simple: two seemingly arbitrary things face off in a battle of awesomeness. And it's up to you to decide the winner.

Here's an example: We just signed on and the battle it presented us was "Sitting" vs. "Cocoa Butter." Obviously both awesome things. But there can be only one. Click on "Sitting" and it crushes its opponent with "Finish Him"-esque flair. Next up, Garlic Salt took on Rod Blagojevich. You can guess who won. (Here's a hint: it's great on pizza and doesn't have a ridiculous haircut.)

The site calculates the win-loss record of each contender and presents a list of the 100 most awesomest thing evers. As of this posting, "the internet" is juuuust edging out "life." Awesome.