Most Common Sex Myths About Baby Boomers

6 Common Post50 Sex Myths

Today's Post50s are breaking the mold when it comes to sex at midlife. Once upon a time, an older woman in touch with her sexuality was a punch line -- a cheap laugh exploited by figures in television, film and print. But in a century in which Helen Mirren can win body of the year at 66, the sexuality of the post50 generation can no longer be ignored.

Boomers are healthy, vibrant and sexually liberated - and they intend to remain that way for a long time. A U.K. study found that one third of the demographic would have sex on a first date, a higher fraction than when the question was posed to younger singles.

If older men and women want to live their sex lives to the fullest, then the first step is debunking some of the most repeated - and most erroneous - sex myths. Take notes, you might want to remember a few of these some day:

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Most Common Sex Myths About Boomers

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