The Most Damning Internal Emails Of The Financial Crisis (PHOTOS)

In case you haven't heard, emails live forever. Which may mean that the full story of the financial crisis is lying dormant somewhere on a few forgotten servers in the bowels of Wall Street.

Until those emails surface, we're going to have be content with the below compilation of some of the most disturbing and damning internal emails of the financial collapse. Just last week, the WSJ reported that UBS employees reportedly referred to the products they were marketing as "vomit." This discussion actually occurred on an email thread titled "95pts Wine Spec. Best Ignanello since 1997" (hat tip to Reuters' Matt Goldstein.) Others in the below list worried they were "incompetent" -- or dreamed of retiring before the world economy collapsed.

Which internal email is the most damning? Check out our photos below and pick the worst of the batch. (If you have any other candidates, leave them in the comments section and we'll add them to the list.)

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