CNN Story On Obama's "Swagga" The Most Embarrassing Ever? (VIDEO)

CNN Story On Obama's "Swagga" The Most Embarrassing Ever? (VIDEO)

We all expect a bit of fluff from cable news considering they have 24 hours a day to fill and there are only so many events to be "rocked" by, but when we hit a point at which CNN is spending Obama's 100th day in office "assessing his swagga" something is amiss.

T.J. Holmes sat down with four men who were never identified by name or title (as if we weren't supposed to care about who they were, just that they were black) to talk about Obama's "swagga." They were sweet and did the best they could with such a ridiculous topic, but anchor Kyra Phillips was way over the top. She asked for the theme song to "Shaft" to be played, she talked about Obama's "flava" and she insisted on getting a fist bump at the end. Here are her choicest moments...



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