The 9 Most Fashionable Literary Characters

If Siren Ridley Duchannes worked Cupid's gig, you'd wind up with a stiletto heel through the heart. Wielding a two-sizes-too-small bandage dress as her go-to weapon, a red leather jumpsuit for her own personal warrior-wear, and a Caster closet that would put Blair Waldorf to shame--we think Ridley's a style icon in the making. (Or at least, Ridley does!) Here's what the star of Dangerous Creatures would have to say about a few of our other inspirational literary fashionistas...

Luna Lovegood -- Harry Potter By J.K. Rowling
A Williamsburgian hipster nerd before it was cool, Luna Lovegood is my go-to CosPlay pick. Freaky glasses (well, Spectrospecs), beetle ring and funky radish earrings, not to mention a butterbeer cork necklace and a crooked house tie--the girl knows how to accessorize. Ridley would have probably added a pink streak to Luna's trademark blonde locks, but still, fifty points to Ravenclaw for not trying to fit in. Luna is a fashion icon of Geek Chic & unique, and she works it.

Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House Series


Laura is one of those girls who knows that more is more, especially in a pioneer setting. Let's face it, she might have started off life playing catch with a blown up pig's bladder--I mean, didn't we all?--but by the time she was courting the manly Manly (literally, that's what they called her beau Almanzo Wilder, aka Farmer Boy) she wore a dress made of embroidered lawn with hoops and/or a bustle. Not that I could have told you what any of those things looked like, but it sure seemed to work on Almanzo. I mean, Laura's last name is Wilder, right? The whole bustle thing, that must have been hot!

Meg Murray -- A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
Meg is the ultimate anti-fashionista. She's so out she's in. A disheveled misfit mess of red hair with the style sensibility of a mathelete, she manages to rock the universe in multiple dimensions anyway. Anti-social and awkward, Meg gets along with about as many people in the world as a certain dark-hearted Siren does. Although possible future husband (no spoilers!) Calvin thinks she has "dreamboat" eyes, her fashion senselessness is mostly a big screw you to the world, which Ridley respects.

Tris--The Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

divergent tris

Post haircut, and definitely post tats! Cargo pants, cargo everything, plus fat black eyeliner and boots made for kicking donkey-- she's got that girl Starbuck-but-only-the-SyFi-network-version thing going. That's my idea of power dressing. :) You go girl. Ridley would definitely approve. Rid's more than a little Dauntless--not to mention Divergent--herself.

Will Stanton -- The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper
Okay, so Will's the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son and so on...which makes him seven times cooler than your average Old One, right? I mean, talk about charisma: Radios turn to static in his presence. Probably not even Elvis could do that. Plus, I always wanted Will's super powerful Celtic belt. It carried the six signs of the Light: Earth, Air, Fire, Bronze, Water, Stone. It's the fashion accessory of the century, which is probably why Herne the Hunter is so on him about it. You think Etsy could get on that for me?

Bellatrix Lestrange -- Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

bellatrix lestrange

Black and leather are always a winning combination, so it's no accident that villains are often among the most fashionable in literature. Once she ditches her Azkaban prison uniform, Bellatrix Lestrange is no exception. Her artfully destroyed corseted black dress with leather accents and stiletto boots are Ridley's definition of battle armor.

Effie Trinket - The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

effie trinket

Fashions from the Capitol are the epitome of haute couture, and no one wears them better than District 12 escort Effie Trinket. Her outfits are embellished with everything from ruffles to butterflies, and Ridley would love her wild hairstyles. May the fashion police be ever in her favor.

Lila Zacharov -- The Curse Workers Series by Holly Black
Heir to a powerful supernatural crime family, Lila keeps her wardrobe simple but elegant in high-end red, black, and white basics. From her perfectly tailored trench coat to the gloves that are legally mandated in a society where magic (worked through touch) is illegal, Lila is a well-dressed and dangerous creature.

Sansa Stark - A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

game of thrones set

It is said that courtesy is a lady's armor--while Ridley would have something to say about that, it has certainly kept Sansa Stark's head on her shoulders. Sansa's beautiful wardrobe evolves with her move from the North to King's Landing and helps her adapt to her position in court. While she looks like the model of meekness and conformity, subtle nods to her family's sigils and armor-like details in her clothing make it clear to readers (and viewers) that they shouldn't count her out of the game of thrones yet.