The Most Geniune Way To Get More Clients


People buy based upon emotion and then they justify with logic. This is because EVERY experience that we have is first felt emotionally in the brain before it passes to the frontal lobe (the rational decision-making part of the brain).

So, what does that tell you...?

Buying signs are ALWAYS emotional.

If you are not tuning into buying signs, then you are missing the opportunity to impact more people and you're leaving money on the table... that is going to someone else who is able to fully tune into their future clients' emotions...

When someone shares with you a challenge that they're working through, ask them how it makes them FEEL.

When they reply with their initial feelings, ask them to dig a little deeper and begin a dialogue.

Tune in to what they are saying, empathize with them (which is way more than sympathizing - empathizing means that you FEEL their pain and you are inclined to want to do something about it).

Then, ask them how it would FEEL if you could solve ____________ (whatever their challenge is / their pain point)?

Finally, offer to help. Show them how you can transform their life / business and ask them what they are willing to do to FEEL ________ (the emotion that they shared about solving their problem).

You have to know exactly who your client is - if you try to serve EVERYONE, then you will serve no one.

You have to be able to get into the head of your perfect client - walk a day in their shoes.

You have to inspire them to action. The best way to do so is to stimulate wonder and curiosity in their mind by using storytelling strategies in a way that is scientifically proven to inspire action.

Those who actually care about doing the work, taking action, and who truly want to succeed in their business... they will answer:


- financially free and fulfilled

- clarity in my business

- confident in my offerings

- aligned to my purpose, and in control of my results

- free of doubt, worry, or resistance

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