The Most Gorgeous Multi-Cultural Weddings You've Ever Seen

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When I got married five years ago, there was a constant struggle trying to find unique and creative ways to incorporate my culture without it being overbearing. There were seldom any examples in mainstream media of women that looked like me, or came from similar cultural backgrounds, that I could grasp inspiration from. And back then, in 2006, the social media and blogging frenzy was basically non-existent. I started Munaluchi Bride Magazine with hopes of filling an obvious void within the wedding industry. I felt a strong need to represent the most amazing and well thought out weddings highlighting women of color, our wide range of cultures, and our timeless styles.

In this feature you'll see some of my favorite weddings featured in Munaluchi Bride Magazine and These weddings spread across many continents and seamlessly combine multiple cultures in the most unique and tasteful fashion. They are each memorable in their own ways, yet have one thing in common -- effortless displays of undying love. As you take a look at these gorgeous weddings, I hope they enable you to think outside of the box, while appreciating the various blends of cultures that surround us.

Gorgeous Multicultural Weddings