The Most Important Lesson to Teach Children

The world has become a very uncertain place due to rapid technological and cultural change. We are reminded of change when we remember iconic companies that each employed thousands of people such as Enron, Pan Am, MCI Worldcom and Arthur Anderson. Those companies no longer exist.

We are confronted with change every time we call 1-800 numbers and friendly voices from Costa Rica or The Philippines greet us.

We are also reminded of change every time we read about mid-west factory workers losing their jobs as plants move overseas in one moment, and then read about children or young adults who are not old enough to drink alcohol who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars annually as youtube tech reviewers or toy reviewers, the next moment.

Given this rapid change, what should we wisely teach our children? Computer programming? Public speaking? Practical science? What is THE most important lesson? Watch this short TEDx talk to find out.