The Most Inappropriate Kids Halloween Costumes Ever (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Most Inappropriate Kids Halloween Costumes Ever

We've already shown you how truly disturbing some adult costumes can be, but be prepared to have your mind blown even further with these ridiculously inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids.

When young ones dress up for Halloween (or rather, when their parents dress them) there have been some pretty questionable costume choices made over the years. From outrageous commercial costumes for sale like "Harem Girl" and "Baby Pimp," homemade costumes like "Baby Hannibal Lector" and "Baby Lil' Wayne" have us scratching our heads even more (OK though, that lil' Lil' Wayne is actually pretty adorable).

Check out 25 of the most inappropriate Halloween costumes for kids below!

Homeless Baby

Inappropriate Kid Costumes

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