'The Most Interesting Man In The World,' Dos Equis' Jonathan Goldsmith, Hosts Obama Fundraiser

"The most interesting man in the world," the iconic spokesman from Dos Equis beer commercials, might not seem like an overtly political character. Giving his thoughts on the "two-party system" in one ad, the bearded gentleman advised in his gruff voice, "the after party is the one you want to attend."

But Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays "the most interesting man," appears more willing to get involved in party politics. He'll be holding a fundraiser for President Barack Obama's reelection campaign on Tuesday in Burlington, Vt. Tickets for the event range from $20 to $500.

Goldsmith has a house in Vermont, and he's been linked with the state's Democrats before. Earlier this year, he met with Gov. Peter Shumlin (D).

The upcoming fundraiser could pay some dividends for Obama beyond the basic cash haul. ABC News noted in a report last month that Obama's Facebook fans are particularly fond of Dos Equis. Twenty-four thousand of them, or 3 percent of all of Obama's fans at the time, also liked the beer brand on Facebook.

If you're wondering what the real Goldsmith is actually like, The New Yorker caught up with him last year and found that the septuagenarian is actually pretty interesting. He may not be able to "speak French -- in Russian," as one ad claims, but he did once save a drowning girl in Malibu, and, during his interview with The New Yorker's Nick Paumgarten, even managed to buy a German Shepherd at a boat show.

Below, find out why mosquitoes don't bite "the most interesting man in the world":



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