The Most OUTRAGEOUS Quotes From The Health Care Reform Debate

Throughout the months of debate, negotiating and vote-switching on health care reform there has been one constant -- the often outrageous and apocalyptic comments spilling from the mouths of lawmakers.

From Sen. Tom Coburn's macabre warning to seniors that if health care reform gets implemented they were going to "die sooner" to Georgia Congressman Paul Broun's recent comments that the health bill would make insurance cards as "worthless as the Confederate dollar." (Just for good measure Broun characterized the push for reform as a "War of Yankee Aggression.")

Coburn and Broun are just two members of a much larger pantheon of lawmakers who have predicted dire consequences for the passage of health care reform as well as the process.

With passage of the bill looking likely, the Huffington Post has compiled a list of the best over-the-top complaints:

The Most OUTRAGEOUS Quotes From The Health Care Debate