The Most Popular Credit Cards by State

If you need any more evidence of the financial disparity across America, just take a look at the types of credit cards most frequently applied for by state.

Personal finance website NerdWallet examined data from its credit card tool and found that secured and balance transfer credit cards are the most clicked on cards in the South.

Unlike travel reward and cash-back credit cards, which typically require a high credit score and are popular in the Midwest and on both coasts, secured credit cards "can be appealing to those with poor or no credit," said Sreekar Jasthi, an analyst at NerdWallet. "They are backed by cash deposits and allow people to build their credit over time."

The other kind of card that got the most attention by users in the South, balance transfer cards, "are appealing to people with a good amount of debt on existing credit cards," Jasthi said.

Secured credit cards got the most clicks by people in Florida and Mississippi, while balance transfer cards led the way in Alabama and Louisiana, according to the study.

The popularity of these types of credit cards in the South isn't surprising to those in the industry. Rod Griffin, director of public education for Experian, said data from the credit reporting company have historically shown that "southern states and cities tend to have lower scores than northern areas."

For a full list of each state's favorite type of credit card, as well as the average credit score in every state, check out NerdWallet's study.