The Most Secure Eurovision Ever

This is by far the most secure Eurovision ever. There were probably more police and soldiers at the red carpet event than artists, press, & fans. Same for the Eurovision Village and the concert hall.

They also have defense in depth. The streets are closed for blocks around each event. And closed with massive portable concrete walls. It's not that cars are not allowed in close, it's that a stolen truck cannot get close.

Anywhere it will be a large crowd, even outside the venues, a truck will not be able to be driven in there and at people. This stops the newest ISIS terrorist weapon, the stolen truck.

They are also serious with the checking of everyone coming in. We've had metal detectors and inspection of packages at the concerts & press center years past. But now they have it for the red carpet event, Eurovision Village, and the EuroClub.

And keep in mind Eurovision Village is basically a couple of blocks of the main shopping street in Kiev. It's now got a fence around it, police stationed all along the fence on both sides, and security to enter.

With all that said, I ended up getting in to the press area for the red carpet without being searched. I didn't realize I had bypassed security until I was there. (I am not saying how as I don't want to publish to others how I got through.)

It's a shame that we now have to be so secure. But we do and it's good to see that Ukraine takes their responsibility seriously.

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