The Most Successful Business Power Couples (PHOTOS)

These days successful celebrity marriages are rare gems. But throw in a thriving multimillion-dollar company and add a hefty dose of public scrutiny and things become even more complicated.

The tales of power couple splits are legion. In June, Al and Tipper Gore, a brand in their own right, announced that they were separating after 40 years together, reported the Daily News. In October, Dodgers owner Frank McCourt fired his estranged wife (now ex-wife) Jamie McCourt from her position as team CEO of the Dodgers. According to ESPN, Jamie and Frank McCourt took almost 30 years to build a billion-dollar empire together.

But the successful power couples have found their own ways to make it work. From Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell, who bonded over a dry economic text on their first date, to Ben Trott and Mena Trott, the high school sweethearts who created the blog software empire of Six Apart Media, there's no one way to make a power couple last.