New York Is The Most Welcoming City In The World, And Paris Is The Least, Travelers Say

The following has been said about tourists: they eat loudly, ask dumb questions and grope endangered sea turtle species without permission. As a result, some cities yell one big f*ck you to tourists, and we can't say we blame them (other places, of course, are a bit friendlier).

In a recent survey, money-saving site Coupon Codes Pro asked thousands of "global travelers" which cities they've found the most -- and least -- welcoming on their travels.

The site provided globetrotters with a list of world cities and asked them to pick the "most welcoming" ones, as well as call out any places that had been particularly "unwelcoming" to them in the past (a highly scientific process, no?).

Scientific or not, the answers are surprising: Crowded, chaotic New York topped the charts for "welcoming cities." And the "least welcoming" places include... pretty much every city we've ever wanted to visit.

Guess we'll cancel that EuroTrip...

The MOST welcoming cities in the world:
1. New York City, USA
2. Beijing, China
3. Toronto, Canada
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Sydney, Australia

The LEAST welcoming cities in the world:
1. Paris, France
2. London, UK
3. Barcelona, Spain
4. Rome, Italy
5. Tokyo, Japan