The Motivation Behind Creativity: Photographer, Rog Walker

What's the most organic form of communication for any individual? This doesn't necessarily have to be limited to speaking and writing. Forms of communication can and do vary. For Rog Walker, photography is his medium. It connects him with humanity on an intimate level.

As an artist his aim is to "create something that is a reference point for a culture. Telling the story of an undefined group of people."

Viewing his images and being in his presence you immediately become part of his process. Whether you are the subject of his camera's gaze or you are an active participant providing your thoughts on feedback. You will undeniably be a contributor to his vision. What sets Rog Walker apart as an artist and an individual is his ability to engage all aspects of you. When reviewing his work you immediately feel that you are seeing his subjects more intimately than anyone else. You are welcomed into this secret society of sorts.

No portrait looks the same. A factor in this may be due to whom he chooses to shoot; each person has a unique air about him or her. Style is innate and there is no question that this secret society of subjects encompasses this. What I've noticed is that there is a uniform or a consistency in the way each person dresses. However, they've circumvented the mundane look this can produce. Why is that? My hypothesis, they have tapped into a place of comfort and level of self-validation that is important when expressing yourself through clothing. Each of them creates art using various mediums, which I believe is a catalyst for how they view themselves and the world. They've successfully listened to that voice inside of them and are learning to speak. They are talking through their art and style and others are taking notice.

In Walker's words he and his subjects are "Telling their stories and are mindful of the perspective they carry."

Take a look at the above newly released video by A Lonelyleap Film, which will allow you to dive into the creative process of photographer and storyteller Rog Walker.



The Work of Rog Walker