The Movement For Minimalist Make-Up Is Growing!

We were tickled to see that is getting on-board with the movement for minimal make-up:

I was complaining about my skin a couple of weeks ago and Natalie screamed, "Stop wearing makeup!"

I laughed as she rambled about how much make-up she wore circa 1998, when she finally stopped cold turkey (she resumed a year later after everything on her face calmed down.) Apparently, if I wanted my skin to clear up I had to stop covering it up.

Since Natalie's skin literally glows, I took the challenge and I haven't worn face makeup in two weeks, (I have, however, been wearing extra mascara to make up for it), and voila, my skin is clearer than it's been since 1998.

Last week blogger Verena von Pfetten declared that "less is the new more" based on our concern that heavy make-up makes beautiful women like Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller and Lindsay Lohan look old. (Not that there's anything wrong with being old, but it's just nice to come to it naturally.)