The MovieFilm Commentary Track: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Last year at around this time we did a commentary talking through the original 1977 Star Wars (a.k.a. A New Hope), and with this week's impending release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (read my review here), we thought it was a perfect opportunity to fire up yet another commentary track, this time talking through arguably the greatest Star Wars of all time, 1980's The Empire Strikes Back. Whether you queue up your blu-ray and watch along with us, or just listen to the track separately while you drive or exercise, we think you'll find lots to enjoy here, including behind-the-scenes trivia, observations on story points, and our own personal histories with one of our favorite movies of all-time. Listen below or via iTunes or Stitcher or TuneIn Radio (and make sure to write us a review!). Drop us a line at, or at our Facebook page to tell us how we're doing!