The MovieFilm Podcast: American Sniper + Director Kevin Macdonald on Black Sea

For this week's show, we start things off by diving into the number one movie in the country, the Clint Eastwood docudrama American Sniper. In addition to marveling at the war pic's record-shattering opening weekend, we also get into Bradley Cooper's performance as well as discussing the role of truth and fiction in historical dramas. From there, you can listen to my interview with director Kevin Macdonald (who also helmed one of my fave flicks of the past 10 years) about his new submarine thriller Black Sea. After that, it's on to a whole host of hot headlines, with conversations about whether Johnny Depp was ever really a movie star, whether Chris Pratt has the bona fides to don Indiana Jones' trademark fedora, whether Ghostbusters should be rebooted, and whether Independence Day should be sequelized. We then cap things off by sharing our mutual impressions of the first trailer for Fox's upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. Of course, that's not all. We've also got some listener letters and Star Wars talk to close things out. Listen in via the embed below, at iTunes, or at Stitcher. As always, please let us know how we're doing at our Facebook page!

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