The MovieFilm Podcast: Spellbound by 'Doctor Strange'!

Things get very strange in this episode of the MovieFilm Podcast --
Doctor Strange
, that is! Yes, the latest superhero epic from Marvel Studios hit theaters last night, but we're already up with an in-depth, spoiler-filled conversation unpacking the Benedict Cumberbatch blockbuster. What did we think? Is it worth rushing out to see? Listen in to find out! (
) In addition, you can also hear quick takes on the supremely relevant political doc 
, and Ron Howard & Tom Hanks' failed franchise pic 
, as well as Zaki's interview with writer/director
Jeff Nichols
and star
Joel Edgerton
about their new drama
 (in theaters now). All that, plus plenty of Listener Letters and Headlines, including talk of Dragon Tattoo and Passion of the Christ sequels, and the future of the
Star Wars
spin-off films. Listen to it all via the embed below, or at 
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