The Muppets, Communist? Director James Bobin Says No

In the biggest red trial since Joseph McCarthy scared the nation, "The Muppets" director James Bobin insists that the titular iconic puppet gang are not communists.

"It's a very strange turn of events to hear a question like that," Bobin told The Hollywood Reporter, responding to charges from Fox Business Network host Eric Bolling that the new Muppets film sent an anti-capitalist message. "Cable news is 24 hours long so you have to fill it up with something. No, the Muppets are not communist. And the character of Tex Richman is not an allegory for capitalism in any way. The character is called Tex Richman."

Richman, the Chris Cooper-portrayed villain in the film, is an oil baron who is intent on buying the Muppet Theater and then destroying it.

"It's a joke. Clearly he is a classic, old school bad guy. He's bad not because he works for an oil company but because he's evil," Bobin said. "No, it's not a communist movie in any way."

Earlier this week, Bolling challenged the Muppets to a debate on economic issues.