'The Muppets' Trailer: 'Green With Envy' Spoof Opens Jason Segel Film Promotion (VIDEO)

A decade after the Muppets' last (and poorly received) big screen adventure, Jason Segel has been charged with bringing the beloved cast of characters back to greatness.

From the looks of this first spoof trailer, so far so good.

Segel and Amy Adams star in a spoof romantic comedy, "Green With Envy," which serves as the first spot promoting the upcoming film "The Muppets." An overwrought flick involving small town kids headed to Los Angeles, it plays like an hilariously bad melodrama until about halfway into the trailer, when Kermit and friends make their debut.

Set for a November 23rd release, this should be the first of many promos to come for the film, with Disney seemingly having mastered the YouTube sketch starring the Jim Henson-created favorites.