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The Museum of Broken Relationships on Oddity Central

So you're broken up. You've said your goodbyes, but it still gets to you every time you see those fuzzy handcuffs in the closet. Now, with the help of Croatia's Museum of Broken Relationships, you can put your relic on display with other love leftovers. Founded by Croatian artists (and exes) Drazen Grubišić and Olinka Vištica, the Museum can either be a fascinating look at the human attachment to symbols or a poignant display of lost love. It just depends on how long it's been since your last breakup.

The Museum of Broken Relationships [has] toured the world over, from Istanbul to New York, showcasing its collection of hundreds of bizarre items. Teddy bears, fluffy handcuffs, photographs, watches are among the most common items in found in the museum, but you can also see bizarre things like an axe, a pair of edible underwear and even an artificial lower leg, donated by a man who broke up with a nurse.

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