'The Mushroom House' Is Unlike Any Home You've Seen (PHOTOS)

Sometimes we see a house for sale that is geared towards more...specific tastes. This "mushroom house," located in upstate New York, is one of those properties. Located just 15 minutes southeast of of Rochester, the 4,168-square-food abode is comprised of five separate 80-ton, polyurethane and concrete units that appear to sprout right out of the ground on the hillside.

And it's not just the outside that offers up some serious whimsical appeal. Between the organically-shaped rooms, abstract custom wood working and thousands of ceramic tiles that line the walls and halls, the buyer is almost guaranteed to "have that same feeling of being in a piece of art," notes listing agent Rich Testa. If the to-be owner is willing to spend $925,000 to go "down the rabbit hole," that is. The reactions to the property tend to be split -- you either love it or hate it. What do you say?

Inside (And Outisde) The Mushroom House

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