The Music Video About Postpartum Leakage You Never Knew You Needed

"Line your panties, grab your dance shoes!"

A fun music video is tackling an aspect of new motherhood that isn't often openly discussed: leakage.

For many postpartum moms, just one sneeze or cough can unleash an unwanted stream. This video from the women's health service, HelloFlo, empowers women dealing with postpartum leakage and reminds everyone it's a totally normal occurrence.

Titled "Leaks Can't Stop Me Now," the original song and music video reminds moms with this issue that they can put on their panty liners and remain active. Standout lyrics include "one in three of us deals with the squirt," "line your panties, grab your dance shoes" and "honey, we can kick this dribble to its knees."

Rock on, mamas!

Postpartum Body Project