The Mystery In Netflix's 'Girlfriend's Day' One-Ups 'Lost In Translation'

There may be no way to figure it out.
"Girlfriend's Day" gifts us with a new mystery.
"Girlfriend's Day" gifts us with a new mystery.

If you ever need a Valentine’s Day card, you better call Saul.

Bob Odenkirk, also known as Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill from “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” has finally released his new movie “Girlfriend’s Day,” which is now available on Netflix. Odenkirk says the film has been in the works for around 15 years.

“The movie was waiting around for Netflix to be invented,” Odenkirk told The Huffington Post. “It needs a place like Netflix to exist to connect people up who like ‘Mr. Show,’ who like ‘Arrested Development,’ who like ‘Chinatown.’”

At the heart of the quirky comedy about a down-on-his-luck romance card writer is a mystery along the lines of “What’s in the brief case?” in “Pulp Fiction.”

In the movie, there’s a competition to see who can write the best card for a new Valentine’s-like holiday called Girlfriend’s Day. (Spoiler alert!) A card is written, but we may never know what it actually says.

Odenkirk told HuffPost he wrote the card himself, but he explains why they kept it a secret.

“We thought about ‘Lost in Translation,’ of course, and that great moment where you don’t know what Bill Murray says to [Scarlett Johansson] — although I think someone on the internet figured that out — and how well that works,” said Odenkirk.

As the actor points out, tons of internet sleuths have broken down the “Lost in Translation” footage and have come up with possible phrases Murray said. But unlike “Lost in Translation,” there’s no easy way to decipher what’s on the card.

Odenkirk revealed that he actually wrote a couple different Girlfriend’s Day cards, but they remain with director Michael Paul Stephenson.

Even if you’re not into the mystery, “Girlfriend’s Day” has enough to keep you occupied.

“There’s a heart to it,” Odenkirk added. “It’s got a bitterness all throughout for the men who are bitter and don’t feel feelings of love anymore, and it’s got a sweetness for the ladies who don’t want to hear that shit.”

There’s also a murder and a guy named Shitfoot, who Odenkirk describes as sort of a “spirit guide” for his character, greeting card writer Ray — once known as the “Bill Shakespeare of romance cards.”

“[Shitfoot] is there as a place for Ray to check in on himself,” said the actor.

So if you are trying to watch the context of the movie to guess what Odenkirk wrote on the card, just look to Shitfoot. He’ll be your guide.

“Girlfriend’s Day” is now on Netflix.

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