The Mystery Of David Bowie's Credit On Frank Ocean's New Album Has Been Solved

A representative for Bowie confirmed that "they did not work together."
Frank Ocean performs at Bonnaroo in 2014. 
Frank Ocean performs at Bonnaroo in 2014. 

If you’re still parsing through the genius of Frank Ocean’s new album “Blond” (or “Blonde,” depending on where you got it) like us, we have some questions for you: Have the tears stopped? (No.) Are you as confused about those credits as we are? (Yes.)

A master collaborator with some of the most impressive talent the music industry has to offer, Ocean lists artists ranging from Kanye West and Pharrell Williams to James Blake and The Beatles in the album’s credits. But one mention in particular struck many fans as peculiar: David Bowie. 

The singer died in January after a long battle with cancer, so it’s unlikely that he would’ve had a chance to work with Ocean on the album, despite its lengthy gestation period. 

In fact, it’s not entirely clear how each of the artists Ocean credits influenced the album ― the Beatles song “Here, There, and Everywhere” is referenced in the track “White Ferrari,” for example ― but now we might have clearer picture on Bowie’s involvement. 

According to NME, a representative for the late rock legend told the publication that he could “confirm that they did not work together.” However, a photo of Bowie does appear in the magazine compendium called “Boys Don’t Cry” that was released at pop-up stores in select cities the same day Ocean dropped the album.

One helpful Twitter user shared an excerpt from the magazine featuring the page in question, showing an orange-tinted photograph of a young Bowie running his hands through his hair. 

Case closed. 




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