The Mystery of Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner may be the crown jewel of Donald Trump’s White House. As the husband of Ivanka Trump, Kushner has had an increased role in President Trump’s administration despite having no overt political experience whatsoever. While Steve Bannon might hate the guy, the young real estate investor has a very significant role to play in America’s future. (The Washington Post onced called Kushner the “shadow secretary of state.”)

Since taking office, Trump has tasked Kushner with comically large tasks like ending the opioid epidemic and bringing peace to the Middle East (just look at this picture to understand why that’s laughable), but we digress. The real reason we’re here is because we don’t really know who Jared Kushner is.

The truth is, he’s a little bit of an enigma. As the video above from Nerdwriter points out, Kushner is notoriously silent and notoriously loyal. He’s a Jewish man, and the son of a wealthy real estate magnate who was taken down in a prostitution scandal.

Looking at Kushner’s history proves complicated. He, like his father in law, has made some bad investments but he seems smart, eager, and above all else: loyal. We already know Trump favors loyalty and chances are good he’ll keep tasking Kushner with whatever he can. The problem is, Kushner doesn’t speak much publicly and we can’t really be certain where his political ideologies truly lie.

One thing is for sure, though, he certainly seems “complicit” in this whole dumpster fire.