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The Mystic's Diet

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Everything natural, organic, gluten free, and locally grown is not enough for the mystical body. No matter how healthy we eat, a part of us is still hungry. We are missing the food that nourishes us deeply. We are missing the diet that makes us truly whole and at one with ourselves and others. There is our subtle body, love's body, the nerves of our heart yearning to be fed, healed, and strong. We want to be worry and fear free. We look for the day when addictions and desires no longer rule our body, our lives. Awareness can be without clutter, detoxed of old debris, quiet of inner noise, immune to large emotional swings. We want to live in the love which is life's essence.

Every mystic prays for the day when we have lost ten pounds of mental weight and have our innocence back again. She imagines the day when she is open, spontaneous, firmly planted in the magic of now. He knows herbs and supplements, even mind altering drugs are no substitute for the diet and lifestyle which builds and sustains. We want our mystical body, confident in our heart, powerfully anchored in inner peace and well being. There is no short term fix or ten day fast which will give and keep us in true connection with the greater universe within and all around us.

No matter how well we think we are eating and exercising, there is another part of us that has needs and wants. Each of us are called to find the something special that feeds our inner poet and artist. We want to embrace the magical child within. We want to enjoy the monk submerged inside us in a deep well of peace and unlimited being. Life without our mystical nature is life full of trying to manage each day instead of fully living. Our refrigerator, no matter how much is on every shelf is no substitute for having a life of much heart essence, the richness of our spiritual being.

The mystic's diet is something very personal. There are no cook books with recipes spelling out exactly which ingredients, how much, and how long to feed the part of us that is without words but nevertheless very real and present.. The mystic's diet is a calling. It is recognizing our yearning then listening, nourishing, making room in our lives for the heart that exists within our heart. Yes, the mystic's diet feeds and builds awareness of the heart that exists within our heart.

The ocean at sunset, the snow hanging on our favorite tree, or a hike above the fog on a nearby hillside can each be examples of food for the mystic. Mega vitamins for the soul is communion with a friend or sitting in our own inner quiet. There is a temple or church waiting for each of us. The mystic's diet is finding the place which brings us to our own inner temple. Sacredness is found in the altars of life which lead us to our inner most heart. All our busyness, everything complicated takes a back seat. No fast food restaurants, but living slowly and enjoying the experience is important. We want to live in the present, learning to see, hear, and touch life through our heart moment to moment.

If one day our partner turned into the perfect lover or our child became an angel while awake as well as when asleep, most of us would not be ready for such an experience. If one day a true master came into our life, giving us all the grace of liberation, if we are honest with ourselves, we know we are not ready to receive and hold onto all the blessings.

The mystic's diet builds our body of joy so we can live a life of joy. We are ready and available for the beauty that our lover, children, and teacher offer. The mystic's diet unclouds our mind, unveils our heart so life itself is our liberator and beloved. We are practicing to receive and absorb life's grace.

We can begin by making a list of the ten most joyful parts of life and the ten least joyful parts that we live with. Day by day we have the intention for more joy and less compromise. Each day we feed ourselves that which gives us joy and avoid, transform, or move beyond that which holds us down. Love, compassion, honesty, humor are some of the main dishes. Generosity, gentleness, understanding, trust are all parts of our routine. Silence is a favorite meal. The peace and quiet nourishes the body deeply. Simplicity, solitude, prayer are much more then side dishes. Humility, passion, play become important, a must be, part of our day. On the mystic's diet you can eat as much dessert as you want! Gratitude, surrender, and the sweetness of the moment are favorites. The mystic's diet is not meant to be a strict discipline. We are giving ourselves and others what comes naturally as we embrace life, nurture ourselves, and find the "yes" in every encounter.

We have a daily meditation practice of heartfulness. This is an inner and outer meditation of finding the heart of life itself. Each meditation is a learning time, letting go of thoughts and receiving our inner resource, our pure essence. Meditation teaches us the habit of constantly thinking is just that, a habit. There is an inner vastness to explore. There is a well of inner peace. We drop anchor into the depths of own awareness and find God within us. There is so much presence. We are opening to the profound presence in everything and everyone. We have discovered the mystic's journey.

The mystic's diet slowly, surely is changing everything we know, everything we value. Every step is new and giving. We are coming home. We are feeding our inner mystic.