The Myth Of 'Bad Timing': Why If Something Is Important To You, You'll Find A Way

The Myth Of 'Bad Timing': Why If Something Is Important To You, You'll Find A Way
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We are all guilty of making excuses for not following through with something, often primarily placing the blame on the notion that "the timing wasn't right."

The truth is, if you consider "bad timing" to be a valid setback in what you hope to accomplish, you are making two crucial mistakes. Firstly, you are implying that your life path has been carefully planned out just for you. Second, you are indicating that you won't dare to sway from this perceived life journey -- and promptly brush off any regrets with "I was too late" or "It just wasn't meant to be."

Whether it's taking a chance on that impromptu job opportunity or moving forward with an unexpected relationship, here are 3 reasons why bad timing is simply a myth that we consistently attempt to legitimize:

1. Less convenience is not a deal breaker.

Needless to say, we are typically drawn to circumstances that require a little less effort and sacrifice on our end. Certain situations may require us to change locations or put other plans on hold. Therefore, we would rather go with the choice that doesn't heavily impact other aspects of our life. Sure, less convenience isn't ideal -- but it also isn't a reason to give up.

2. If it's important enough to you, your commitment will surpass any reservations you may have.

These situations test our level of dedication by essentially asking us "How bad do you really want this?" If we are truly devoted to it, we won't be able to stop thinking about it. It will be constantly running through our minds, as we outweigh the pros and cons and envision different scenarios of how it might pan out. After a great deal of overthinking, overanalyzing, and essentially making ourselves insane, we eventually come to a realization point. Either you want it, or you don't -- and if you do, the issue of timing will slowly disintegrate as you put all your focus into getting it (no matter how difficult it may be).

3. Most of the time, you're avoiding the real reason that's holding you back -- and using the issue of timing as a placeholder.

Sometimes it's easier to put the blame on timing, rather than admit the real reason why you are having doubts. Maybe you just don't like the person as much as you thought. Maybe you're scared to change careers. Maybe you think something better is out there. Whatever the issue may be, you're pretending it doesn't exist and using timing to rationalize it instead.

Eventually it's time to face what's really causing you to hesitate on moving forward. Once you are honest with yourself, you'll obtain a sense of clarity and can confidently make the right decision. Of course, this can be a long process -- and that's where the issue of time does in fact come into play (and is all too real).

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