The Names Most Likely To Get Right Swipes

The Natalies and Brookes of the world may have an unfair advantage... at least on one dating app.

Figuring out what leads people to make those right swipes on dating apps has proven tricky. Some have argued that gender ratios, profile pictures and even race can be deciding factors, but new dating app research suggests that your name might just make or break you.

The Grade, which touts itself as "the first dating platform to ban users who 'fail' to meet quality standards and receive 'failing grades,'" looked at data from about 100,000 of its heterosexual users and came up with a list of 200 of the so-called "hottest" names for men and women on the app. Hotness, in this case, was based on the percentage of right swipes each name earned.

Here are the top 10 names for women:

  1. Brianna
  2. Erika
  3. Lexi
  4. Brooke
  5. Vanessa
  6. April
  7. Natalie
  8. Jenna
  9. Molly
  10. Katie

And here are the top 10 names for men:

  1. Brett
  2. Tyler
  3. Corey
  4. Andy
  5. Noah
  6. Shane
  7. Jeffrey
  8. Rob
  9. Frank 
  10. Jeff

Not on either top 10 list? Don't sweat it. These findings are just correlational, so they don't suggest that having a certain name will definitively lead to online dating success (if only). Plus, they don't factor in men-seeking-men or women-seeking-women, so at best, they're only potentially useful for those looking to date the opposite sex. And hey, the correlations The Grade found could be completely spurious -- maybe all of the Briannas on the list happened to have killer profile pictures, and their names weren't even taken into consideration by prospective dates.

But if you want to have a bit of Internet-y fun, you can see the full 200-name list here

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