It's About Time Someone Made This 'The Nanny'-Inspired Instagram

The new "What Fran Wore" Instagram account is just the tip of the nasal, well-dressed iceberg.

“The Nanny” taught viewers that “flashy girls from Flushing” can land a job in childcare even if they have no experience, and then live happily ever after with their handsome, Broadway-producer boss.

Just kidding, kind of. What the show really provided was a lot of laughs, some great comebacks (namely between Niles and C.C. Babcock), amazing guest appearances, a “will they won’t they” love story for the ages and of course, a whole lot of epic style.

That epic style has finally been given the 21st century social media treatment it deserves, thanks to the “What Fran Wore” Instagram account. The page, which boasts over 18,000 followers, recounts all of her best outfits and even provides the real life inspiration for some.

It’s about time us “Nanny” enthusiasts had a place to share our love for Fran’s wardrobe. After all, while viewers tuned in to see what kind of antics she would get herself into next, everyone knows it was her sartorial savvy that stood at the epicenter of the show.

Need further proof? Here are 11 style lessons we all learned from “The Nanny.”

1. Always make an entrance.

2. Turtlenecks are a girl’s best friend.

3. When it comes to hair, bigger is always better.

4. Changing it up every once in a while is crucial (and so much fun).

5. Great style is ageless.

6. The only opinion that matters when it comes to what you’re wearing is your own.

7. Animal print is a neutral.

8. A little glamour never hurt anyone.

9. Having your hair done at all times is key.

10. Always wear shoes you can run in.

11. And most importantly, fashion should be fun.

You rule, Fran Fine!

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