The Nation's Newspaper Takes the Lead

USA Today is continuing to show leadership on global warming (following their June 12, 2005 article "The debate's over, Globe is warming" ) and making up for years of neglect by the print media by running a weeklong series on the issue -- in all the sections of the paper. Talk about getting the issue off of the science pages and onto the front pages where it belongs.

USA Today has separate global warming stories on the covers of its Sports page, Life section and News - a perfect way to show how this problem is going to impact everything and everyone. Over on the newspaper's website, they've done even better, featuring an interactive graphic in the global warming stories detailing the percentage that each source of energy provides and predicting future outlook over the next century.

Thank you USA Today for showing that global warming isn't just an environmental problem, but a public health problem, a problem for the sports world, the recreation world -- truly every facet of our lives.