The NERDIEST Colleges

What is a nerd? A person that throws himself or herself into rigorous academics, stands in the corner at parties and tries to pick up potential mates with a pocket protector? We think not. Modern nerds fit into a more important category: people that pursue what they want with all their heart. They confidently participate in what they love, even if what they love is totally bizarre.

They're the future Nobel Laureates, astronauts and engineers, but also the champions of bygone eras, the lovers of mustaches, bike-jousting and campus-wide Rube Goldberg machines. From weird traditions (Seventh Annual Nitrogen Day?) to entertaining extracurricular activities (the Mustache Club?), these nerds do it all. Props to these schools for playing host to some of the most important, dynamic, driven young men and women of our generation!


Nerdiest Schools

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