The Nerdiest Thing you Can Do With an iPhone

Apple has been an industry innovator for about as long as the majority of their customer base has been alive. The company's products have a reputation for including industry-leading capabilities, predicting the twists and turns of consumer trends like a winding road leveled out into one massive superhighway of tech. The heirs to Steve Jobs' creativity continue to innovate, regularly launching intuitive and customizable products and interfaces. And all over the Interwebs, consumers and tech gurus alike have published countless tips and tricks that help you optimize your iPhone use, but none of them so far have ascended to the level of nerdiness I'm about to bring to the table. Get ready.

First thing's first; did you know that you can customize your iPhone's vibration pattern? From the dull, two-toned hum sounding 'round the world, it seems that this little trick has been overlooked by the vast majority of iPhone users, despite the circulation of guides from a variety of sources online.

To accomplish this initial step, start by going into your iPhone's settings, then click "sounds", then "text tone", and finally "vibration." A few pre-programmed choices await the pleasure of tingling your right thigh (I think we're still talking about mobile tech here), but if you find that you'd really like to create your own vibration tones, you can do that too. Hit "create new vibration" to press a pattern into the touchscreen and create a brand new alert.

But wait, we aren't stopping there.

To awaken your inner nerd and take things a step further, you can create patterns that spell out the names of your contacts in Morse Code. Now, if you're like most 21st-century global citizens, you probably don't have a working knowledge of Morse Code, so use this handy chart to get started.

You'll have to be quick inputting your pattern, as some of the characters can run a little long. It's up to your discretion how many contacts you give the cypher treatment. Converting them all might take the better part of 2015. However, if you do it right, and you spice up a few of the usual suspects, you could come away with a totally unique communication experience, reinvigorating the way you interact with the world through mobile technology.

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