The New Boom In Beauty Gadgets And Tech Is Everything

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The latest smart phone or video game might not get you rushing to the store to snap up the latest gadget or tech item. But the new trend in beauty gadgets and tech might get you geeking out. Drawing from innovations in beauty treatments that have long been popular in the physician's office, you'll find everything from cutting-edge toothbrushes that take the electric classic up a notch, to handheld devices that can help pamper your skin. It's all part of the emerging market of high tech beauty, and the great news is, it's only going to get better from here! New advancements, ideas and innovations will continue for the future to come. Getting pretty and staying that way made easier than ever by technology? Count us in!


Utilizing "sonic pulse technology," this electric toothbrush packs the power to clean teeth and gums better than traditional toothbrushes, while remaining gentle for use. Toothbrush, Foreo


Bring the spa experience home and gain the full benefits of aromatherapy right in your own shower. This handy gadget helps infuse favorite essential oils directly into your shower water to create an aromatic mist, as well as pamper your skin -- all without necessarily leaving oil behind as with traditional shower oils. Aroma therapy diffuser, Essio


Maximize your beauty products with JeNu's infuser, which helps increase and improve the skin's absorption to make what you use more effective with better results. Just a few minutes with the lightweight, sleek device a day is all it takes! Infuser, JeNu


Steam is notorious for taking great care of the skin. It can help loosen dirt, grime and makeup, as well as assist in opening and cleaning pores. This easy to use steamer produces nano steam, said to be even better for the skin, and is easy to use and store. Steamer, Panasonic


The digital cleaning brush is no newcomer to the beauty gadget scene, but still remains a cult favorite for its ability to get the job done easier and better than washing yourself. This option massages and cleanses at the same time. Cleaning brush, Shisheido