The New Extra-Marital Affair: Financial Infidelity

So, it's no surprise that men and women both struggle with monogamy, but there's a new form of infidelity in town and it can wreak more havoc on your wallet than a night with a Five Diamond date from the Emperor's Club. Financial Infidelity is the new extra-marital activity and has a very interesting article on what exactly it is and why people do it.

According to Tango's Sarah Max:

For some, the habit is a throwback to the days when women didn't work, and men controlled the purse strings. "I learned everything from my mother," quipped my friend Stephanie, who shops on her lunch hour to avoid scrutiny from her husband. During the first few years of her marriage, my friend Amanda regularly dipped into her "secret" savings account... She now realizes she was trying to maintain control. "I was 34 when we got married," she says. "It was hard having someone analyze my purchases after being single for so long.

But women aren't the only ones straying outside their fiscal parameters - men take part in bank account hanky-panky too!

But men's money deviance tends to take different forms: gambling-- as in bets at the office or on the golf course--and investing. "Some men play the market without telling their wives," [says Alan Lavine, author of Quick Steps to Financial Stability].

For more on financial infidelity and how to stay true to your co-dependent budget, read the rest of her story here.