The New Global Leader, Part II: Dr. Renée Moore, Expert in Taking Companies Beyond Borders

From the poorest beginnings on a small ranch in Texas where she was raised together with her three sisters by a single mother, Renée Moore worked her way up through the highest levels of academia, receiving her PhD in neuroscience and climbing the corporate ladder in a well-known pharmaceutical development company in the US. After moving to Germany and starting her first company there in 2005, she became what she calls a "serial entrepreneur," growing her own multimillion euro companies in Hong Kong, India, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Mexico and the US. Five years later, she implemented her exit strategy and sold her companies for a handsome profit. In 2012 she founded Business Beyond Borders, a company dedicated to helping startups and small and medium-sized firms become profitable by successfully positioning and marketing their products and services on both local and international levels. She lives and works from a renovated medieval cottage in the wine country of Southern Germany, from where she travels the globe working with her clients.

OB: Renée, is there anything in your extraordinary background that accounts for your success today?

Renée: You know, people often ask me how a Texas country girl left her home to become a serial entrepreneur before the age of 40. The challenges that I faced as a child made me realize that life should not be taken for granted and that you have to 'give it your best shot' every day. I think it is a crime to take the easy route in your own life, and not reach for your full potential. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the rest of the world, too.

OB: What drives you?

Renée: Usually my BMW! Seriously, I'd say the need to live a complete life, and my passion to help people reach their highest potentials in their businesses and in their lives. I feel blessed that I have been able to reach the level of success I have obtained, and want to help others reach the same level of success, or more importantly, the level of success that they are aiming for.

OB: So how did a Texas girl end up growing successful emerging market companies, all headquartered in Europe?

Renée: This depends on so many factors, but one of the most important is the correct positioning on the market. The secret to my success in business is based on some key factors: Firstly, once I realized that I couldn't be the first company like mine in my market, I created a new market. That is what I did with my companies in the past, now with Business Beyond Borders, and with my customer's companies. So many small firms spend their time trying to look and feel like the big guy, and this is their biggest mistake. They need to go after what makes them unique, and understand why anyone should buy their product or service over the big companies. You can't compete with the big guys if you are trying to be just like them. You have to create your company based on why you do what you do and why your customer should buy your unique product.

OB: Go on...

Renée: Then, I hired the very best people in each country to lead my companies, and I empowered them to deliver results. They responded wonderfully to this because I trusted, respected and empowered them. Motivated, they delivered. I see so many companies hire good people at low salaries, and I shake my head when they become frustrated at the lack of results.

Finally, I always head the business development and marketing teams. Never, ever take your eye off of your revenue and profitability targets; work daily toward reaching those targets. This holds true if you have a sales force of one or a sales force of 20.

OB: In your viewpoint, do all successful business owners share certain characteristics?

Renée: Yes, I believe they do. For instance, the unwavering desire to be the best that they can be. Then there is the burning passion to create something extraordinary. And the ability to turn their failures into successes

OB: So does this mean that these things can be learned and implemented by those wishing to change their behavior and mindset?

Renée: Definitely. I see it all the time with the entrepreneurs that I work with. But what is essential here is that you get crystal clear on what you want to achieve, what your passion is, what you are the expert at and what your customers want and need the most. Your positioning and marketing are based on these points.

OB: Which means your motto is...?

Renée: Never ever give up. Taking your business to the next level is all about passion, purpose, and profits. And they all fit together perfectly once you know what steps to take to make it happen.

OB: Great! Renée, it has been enlightening talking with you, thank you.

Renée: You're very welcome. Now how about sharing a glass of chardonnay from the Pfalz region..?

OB: Brilliant idea!