New Greek Finance Minister's Signature Looks Like A Penis

Stop the presses. The new Greek finance minister has a signature that looks like a penis.

Euclid Tsakalotos on Thursday began his first day as Greek finance minister, facing 18 angry colleagues at a meeting in Brussels. Tsakalotos' predecessor, Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned earlier this week, left Tsakalotos just days to solve the country's economic crisis. But Twitter just seems to care about his phallic signature.

This isn't the first time the minister has been mocked for the looks of his writing. In 2010, Tsakalotos published a paper on the Greek crisis using Comic Sans font.

While his penis-shaped signature is grabbing the headlines, Tsakalotos has a bigger problem at hand. "I won't hide the fact that I'm nervous and anxious," he said after being sworn in. "I'm not assuming this position at the easiest moment in Greek history."

Tsakalotos' signature will mark several more documents in Greece's ongoing diplomatic battle, and perhaps even end up on Greece's currency if the country leaves the euro.