'The New Normal' Canceled By NBC; Will Not Return For Season 2

"The New Normal" has been canceled, NBC announced today.

The single-camera comedy from Ali Adler and Ryan Murphy had been a modest performer for the troubled Peacock network: It debuted with an impressive 2.5 rating in the adults 18-49 demo with 6.88 million viewers -- aided by "The Voice" as a lead-in, along with timeslot companion "Go On" -- but had slid to 1.4 and 3.39 million viewers by its season finale. At its lowest, the series was drawing only a 0.7 and a paltry 2.11 million.

The now-canceled "New Normal" starred Andrew Rannells and David Bartha as a couple in Los Angeles looking to start a family. They meet Goldie Clemmons (Georgia King), a single mother to the precocious Shania (Bebe Wood), who decides to be their surrogate, much to the dismay of her very conservative and opinionated grandmother Jane (Ellen Barkin). The comedy also starred NeNe Leakes as Rocky Rhoades, Bryan's former production assistant, and Jayson Blair as Clay Clemmons, Goldie's estranged husband and Shania's father.

When news of "The New Normal's" cancellation broke, the cast took to Twitter:

Rannells also reached out to fellow former broadway actor Laura Berlanti, the star of the also-canceled "Go On" on Twitter:

"The New Normal" is hardly the only show the struggling Peacock network canceled: "1600 Penn," "Animal Practice," "Deception," "Do No Harm," "Go On," "Guys With Kids," "Up All Night," "Smash" and "Whitney" also got the axe. Plus, "30 Rock" signed off for good.

For more on what you could see on NBC and the other networks next season, click on the links below.

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