'The New Normal': Jane Takes Her 8-Year-Old Great Granddaughter To Planned Parenthood (VIDEO)

On this week's episode of "The New Normal," Ellen Barkin's character Jane continued to be outrageously politically incorrect, but at least she was coming from a place that was understandable. She lost it when she arrived at school to pick up her great granddaughter, and found her in the coat closet kissing a boy.

Her great granddaughter Shania is eight-years old, so the boy she was kissing was presumably only as old as nine-years old -- unless he got held back a few times. Nevertheless, while Shania seemed naively excited, the boy was sexually mature well beyond his years.

Even that, though, didn't justify Jane taking both children from the school and straight to a reproductive planning facility. She was both rude and crude, but when confronted about it later, her fears at least were justified.

Jane was a grandmother by the time she was 34-years-old, thanks to her own poor planning, and the unplanned pregnancies of both her daughter and granddaughter. So she desperately wants Shania to break the cycle of getting pregnant too young.

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