The New Paradigm Of Consciousness



There are three types of consciousness. Awareness Consciousness helps you awaken to what is true now, what changes you want to make and how to best achieve. Visionary Consciousness allows you to tap into higher states of consciousness and become aware of expanded possibilities. Finally, Social Consciousness helps you understand the needs of other people and our society, including both the communities and environment in which we live and work. Cultivating each of these areas of consciousness empowers you to make a greater difference and achieve greater wealth.

The truth is, everything in your business and personal life is an expression of your current level of awareness. The best way to take control over your financial destiny is to become aware of what you want, then identify the best options for achieving it. To make conscious choices rather than reacting without reflection.

By becoming aware of your situation and environment, you will build a better understanding of your business and your top priorities, your customers and how you can best solve their problems and our world and how you can be of greater service and how to create wealth by becoming conscious of major trends.

To attain wealth consciously, become aware of the very mechanics of making money, which goals and strategies are right for your business and how to unlock your potential and become a high performer.


When you consciously envision a higher level of inspiration or a "higher consciousness" you are moving from "small mind" to "big mind" consciousness. Your "big mind" is the larger mind of the universe. When you tap into this visionary consciousness, you enter a higher state of consciousness and access a level of information that inspires greater innovation for life, business and society.

Many entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders regularly connect with this dimension of consciousness. In this state, they look at the future differently. They both envision and develop innovative ideas, products and services. These innovations, improve the quality of customers lives, how organizations operate, the way society looks at problems and how people live, work and play.


Social consciousness refers to being mindful or concerned in a caring and compassionate way and understanding how your actions affect the whole of humanity. Quantum physics has shown that you and I are part of an interconnected whole, a seamless web of life. This web is an energy field that connects each of us with each other and everything on this planet. Because we are all interconnected, there is no such thing as a small action. At some level, each of our actions affects the whole of humanity.


In response to an increased social consciousness, a new, socially aware entrepreneur has emerged. These new entrepreneurs combine a profit motive with the solving of social issues. They build businesses focused on areas such as reducing pollution, providing clean drinking water or promoting the economic well-being of impoverished people.

The new social entrepreneur utilizes entrepreneurial principles to create a venture designed to achieve social change. For many social entrepreneurs, it is social change, rather than profit that is the primary goal and motivator. Social entrepreneurs seek to make a difference that is measured in a positive return to society. By pursuing their passions and creating social change, while meeting the needs of their clients, these social entrepreneurs will naturally build the profit margins all entrepreneurs are chasing.

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